I got a message from Bobby, Chef Extraordinaire and Owner of Bobby’s Bite. (No, this is not a story of Vampire or Werewolves)

“There are no Crows in Jersey, I would like to have some.” he said.

“Some.. for yourself to fly or some to sell?” I asked.

“Well, when my friends see me fly, you can be sure, you are going to have to send more over.” Bobby replied.

Cocksure, I thought, but yet, not in an arrogant way, instead with a quiet confidence. The short communication with Bobby reminded me of myself when I first saw Heison’s designs.


Heison and Performance Rotors were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. We hit it off immediately. Seeing how Heison is constantly improving his designs with race pilots’ feedback and hobbyists’ alike, we agreed immediately to carry B.Crow.

We have witnessed the evolution of B.Crow from the VX208 to VX210R, to SX215. With every frame, Heison painstakingly seeks feedback to improve. 210 came about to accommodate a wider range of 5” propeller brands.

At 208mm, certain props may come in contact with the First Person View (FPV) Camera, if the angle between the longitudinal axis of the frame and the camera is not secured correctly. This restriction also meant that the speed at which a racing pilot can fly at with the 208 frame is limited to slow or crazy fast, unforgiving, especially for a half-baked (race/freestyle) pilot like me.


For you non-drone pilots out there: Other components aside, the more you can pitch the nose of a racing drone down, the faster, you can fly.

At 210mm, the stability and manoeuvrability of the drone is bliss, it allows me to fly a little more like some of the drone gods who walk amongst us mortals. (I am kidding myself I know, but I was amazed that I could control the 210mm much easier than with other frames i have tried, I felt liberated.) The 210 is my everyday playmate now.


With the VX215R new comer, the Receiver is now nested between her legs… should i put it in these words? Bite me. Heison has brought the frame down to 80grams, with expert builders like D1Technic, bringing it down to under 70grams. See D1Technic’s photo below;

daveCrowScreen Shot 2017-09-24 at 23.07.53

I have a micro swift FPV cam lying around, let us see how low a profile I can bring it to.

In the meantime, the B.Crows have landed in Jersey.

To Bob and friends out in Jersey, rip it, love it and don’t hate Heison and I, if you never look at another frame again. 😀