32 Degree Celcius, Singapore today. More like 35, I swear.

The day started out with excitement and eager anticipation. We have been contracted to perform some drone flights, to carry out aerial photography of buildings for mapping and inspection purposes. Except that, there will be no flying today. We were on foot, conducting a site reccee, like any responsible drone pilot would. (We have no desire for our permit application to be rejected by the Authorities, you see?)

It was not a building we needed to reccee, but the whole development, 10 to 15 building of various shapes and sizes.

On our minds were all the safety concerns one would have before flying a drone, assuming the drone is in impeccable operating condition, of course;

How far are we from aerodromes?

Is this area a protected or no-fly zone?

Whats the height of the tallest building?

How high do we need to fly to capture a complete top down view of the buildings?

Where are the pedestrian traffic?

Will our flight path cross any pedestrian walkway?

What is the vehicular traffic volume?

Would our flight path cross any road?

What is the general windspeed in the area?

Any wind tunnel effect between buildings?

Which drone is best suited for the job?

Why did the Architect design the building in such a way? Grumble… grumble…

Woo… link bridges… monumental air gates…. the Free-style, Racing Drone Pilot in me nudged.

Soon, the heat got to us.

Like an army recruit on the dreaded long road march before his Passing Out Parade, I was certain I am going to pass out this time, without any parade. T-shirt plastered to my back, perspiration tickling down my butt crack, soggy underwear bringing back the fond fuzzy memories of road marches during basic military training, with full battle order, no less.

Well, that was what the Mavic Pro with three batteries and controller in my bag felt like after a while.

As my tongue swell and scrape the roof of my mouth like sandpaper, I raised my head to plead with the Sun, in polite Hokkien dialect, to hide behind some clouds, and grant me some respite.

A Halo around the Sun, Its beauty stopped me in my tracks. My companions were certain that I have suffered a lethal heat stroke. (I am not referring to the X-box game lah!)

Have you ever seen a Halo? Those appearing on the girls you “suavely” try, to chat up to,  after a few shots of Absinthe, does not count. Nope, the one on the Cat you argued with on the same night does not count either.

Here, check it out. Its a mesmerising rainbow ring around the Sun.

IMG_0840 IMG_0838 IMG_0839

The website of the Ministry of Environment has the scientific explanation on how and why the Halo is seen. http://www.nea.gov.sg/training-knowledge/weather-climate/rainbows

The Thai’s believe it to be a good omen, a triumph over crisis. I can live with that. 🙂