We do drones. Aerial Photography, Filming and Racing Drones… How did a Radio Control Toy Car , a Nikko VaporizrR 2, land on our worktop? Okay, the Radio Control bit is similar to our drones.

“I heard you broke a little boy’s heart, I heard you refused to budge, Despite being new, from the shopping mart. 

I am afraid I have to open you up, Let’s see if we can get you to start, hopefully, that will mend his broken heart.”

Thankfully, it was a simple bad connection for I would not know where to get the parts if it was one of the integrated circuit cards. All in all, it is a tough toy to open up and fix, thanks to all the hot glue to rip off. I tried to use a heat gun to soften the glue, only to find out that the thermoplastic cases housing the electronics were not too happy.

IMG_0674 IMG_0675

Despite the fight to access the circuits, this RC toy car turns out to be a really fun thing to play with.

It is amphibious, transverses water, floating, like Singapore’s Duck Tour ride. http://www.ducktours.com.sg/

All circuit boards are enclosed in individual plastic cases,  sealed with rubber grommets . All wire penetrations are sealed with hot glue to prevent water ingress. (I would not recommended pro-long operation as a boat or a submarine though.)

I wish the controller was more conventional, you know, the good old Left Stick forward, reverse, Right Stick steering, or the Steering Wheel and Trigger AccelerationType.

For reasons lost on me, the controller features two directional pads, Left Pad for Wheels on the left to go forward or back, and the Right pad for the right wheels to do the same. Brings to mind tank or excavator controls.

Successfully fixing it, I had fun playing with it and must admit…. the thought of not returning it surfaced. 😀

Well, seeing his happy grin at the end of the day, I am glad I did not give in to my evil thought 😛



Two boys and their toys. photo courtesy of Mr. Jason Yeo

May be I can convince the partners to offer RC Cars or Tanks at Performance Rotors. What do you think?